La cabine spirit - magie - comique - attractions visuellesThe spirit cabin.

la cabine spirit-the spirit cabin-magie-attractions visuellesquovadisshow
This great illusion may not use titanic means, but it will certainly still leave everyone guessing!

Magic has always been seen as part of a dream. It always fascinates and allows the spectators to be taken on a extraordinary journey : the journey of illusion.

1, 2, 3 and you’ve no longer got your jacket.

In this trick it’s the spectator himself who ties up the magicians’ partner. Therefore no cheating!

You will feel a sense of wonder at the feats performed live in front of you.

Both mysterious, surprising and strange, from there to say there’s no “trick” would be a lie… but ssshhh!
It’s a secret that is only passed from magician to magician.

Be careful this number includes funny and interactive magic effects.


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la cabine spirit - quovadis show - spectacle - cabaret - itinerant - attractions visuelles