imagino magic show-speciality acts-magicien-quovadisshowIma’Gino magic show.

ima'gino magic show-magie-speciality acts-attractions visuelles-comique-quovadisshow
Magic has always been like part of a dream !!!

Magic is fascinating and can take you into the depths of your own imagination.

A world both mysterious, surprising and strange, but with Ima’Gino it is especially and above all funny.
With a unique talent to combine magic with comedy, you are guaranteed a fun packed night of entertainment thanks to this fantastic heart-warming and fun act.

Ima’Gino’s humor and interactivity with children make this show an unforgettable moment.
Whatever the event, children will be directly involved, even imagining that they have real magical powers.

Magie Ima’Gino offers a tailor-made show for young and old alike : magic, visual attractions, illusion ….. A great show for children, young and old.
A world of laughter and happiness awaits you.

A warm and wonderful atmosphere where laughter and all round participation is the golden rule.

Ima’Gino is a true professional that is at home on centre stage or engaging in audience participation.
He provides true family entertainment, child friendly and ideal for young viewers.

There is nothing more beautiful than seeing stars light up in a childs eyes.

If a highly visual, colourful live variety act is what you’re looking for then look no further!

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ima'gino magic show-magie imagino - quovadis show - spectacle - cabaret - itinerant - attractions visuelles