Memorable speciality acts.

A speciality act in a show is like the cherry on a cake!

attractions visuelles-speciality acts-shows-cabaret-spectacles-magie-quovadisshowSo why not indulge and add a little craziness to your event.

Treat yourself to some magic, a circus act, a comic or a little fantasy with one of these visually stunning speciality acts. They are guaranteed to elevate the “WOW” factor offering your guests an unforgettable show.

You will find a great sense of wonder at the feats performed live in front of you, with one of these specialty acts that provide edge-of-your-seat performances by some of the most talented artists.

Book one or more of our mesmerising speciality acts and give your audiences a wonderful taste of the surreal. Spectators will be left begging for more.

Unique novelty and specialty acts that will add a spark of excitement to your event. They know how to really capture the imagination of your audience.

All of our professional speciality acts provide incredible entertainment suitable for all kinds of events and always appropriate to every audience.

Quovadis Show takes great pride in matching the right entertainment to your event, specialty acts, entertainers, artists. We can provide everything you need to create an amazing event and leave a memorable impression for your audience.

You will find something to suit all occasions and all audience age groups.

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Professional performances tailored to your requirements, with or without sound and light technology.

Just to get your taste buds tingling, Quovadis Show presents to you some of its star attractions. Enjoy and let the show begin!

Attractions visuelles - Ima'Gino avec humour ainsi que son interactivité avec les enfants font de ce spectacle un moment inoubliable.

Attractions visuelles - Jazz le chien. Malicieux et attachant, ce petit chien vous surprendra par sa complicité avec son maître.

Attractions visuelles - la poupée est numéro extraordinaire plein de poésie et d’originalité enchantera petits et grands, enfin tous ceux qui ont gardé une âme d’enfant.

Attractions visuelles - Atomos le robot. Impressionnant et original il a plus d’un tour dans son armure, il est télépathe et peut lire dans vos pensées les plus intimes

Attractions visuelles - Giorgia. Une chanteuse chaleureuse et souriante, elle vous ferra vivre une expérience de cabaret inoubliable.

cerceau aerien Jena quvadis show attraction visuelle

Attractions visuelles - Arsene - magie - comique -Un monde de rire et de bonheur intense s’ouvre a vous.

La cabine spirit - magie - comique - attractions visuelles-quovadisshow

attractions visuelles - quovadis show - spectacle - cabaret - itinerant - attractions visuelles