the magic doll-poupee - magie - contorsionniste - attractions visuellesThe magic doll

poupee magique-magic doll-speciality acts-attraction visuelles-contortionniste-quovadisshow
Once upon a time … a doll was magically awakened.

Her first steps are difficult despite the help of her crazy creator.

But this mischievous doll has a crazy little character of her own.
Our little doll, sometimes funny, sometimes touching will leave your audience breathless and with stars in their eyes.

You will be enthralled by this act where strength and spectacular mingle with flexibility and lightness to take you into a world of laughter and happiness.

This remarkably poetic and original act will delight audiences, both young and old. Well at least for those of us who have remained a child at heart.

This insane speciality act is guaranteed to bring a touch of whimsy and surreal to anyone looking to see something unique and fun.



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